Here's some examples of programming assignments and experiments done for school or personal use.

Hookslide (GBA game)
Hookslide is a game for the Gameboy Advance I developed for my final project in a class at Georgia Tech. The game is inspired by the Hookshot mechanic from various The Legend of Zelda games, as well as the more recent indie title Flinthook. The game is programmed entirely in C and uses sprites, backgrounds, and music pulled from other sources online. The ROM is playable using any GBA emulators or flash cartridges for a physical copy.
Fireworks is a project done for a class at Georgia Tech entirely coded in Processing. The program allows the player to put on virtual firework shows with a wide range of parameters for each firework, as well as the option to randomize the parameters for a colorful display. Creating Fireworks in Processing was a challenge, but the end result was worth it. You can view what the project looks like in the video to the side, or if you have Processing installed, you can download and run it from my GitHub repo.
Of Mice And Men
Of Mice And Men is a group project created in VR using the Aframe library for a mixed reality experience design class. The goal of the project was to create an interactive multiplayer experience that harnessed the principles of asymmetrical gameplay. One player takes on the role of the mouse in a maze, with a limited view, and the other player takes on the role of a kind of god who can see over the maze. The god player can aid or thwart the mouse with instructions and cheese to lead them through the maze. For this project, I primarily handled gameplay coding and implementation of Google Daydream compatibility.
Worm Wranglers
Worm Wranglers is a group project game made for a game design class in Unity. One player controls a giant worm in a garden, while up to 3 other players control beetle carts who are trying to ride along and keep from falling off the worm. The beetles are competing with both the worm and each other to see who can last the longest. For this project, I handled the character 3D modelling in Maya and some minor coding for music management in-game.
Spell-A-Rhyme is an ongoing group project to create an application that helps preliterate children to learn phonemes. We have gone through phases of user research, paper prototyping, and user testing, and now we are working on project implementation.
Gerb Run
Gerb Run is a project done for a group project in game design class at Georgia Tech. The game is a platformer that puts you in control of a gerbil who is escaping and running around a pet store at night, searching for treats to snack on. For this game, I tackled the scripting, all the character animations and sprites, and some background art. The game was created in Unity.
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