Design & Video Editing Portfolio

Here you will find examples of my works in video editing and graphic design from school, personal purposes, or for clients. Hope you like what you see, and if you're interested in working with me, please feel free to shoot me an email!

Video Editing

My YouTube channel
I have been fortunate enough to find a lot of success since I started my channel on YouTube, MKatwood, which centers around Steven Universe and other fandoms. To date, I am sitting at 200,000+ subscribers and 65,000,000+ views, and the channel has even lead to amazing opportunities for me to be fortunate enough to work with Cartoon Network, collaborate with the cast of Steven Universe, and be a guest at several conventions.
CN Social promo videos
Here are a few videos made for Cartoon Network's social media! Two of these were to promote the new updated Powerpuff Yourself website and pop-up shop in NYC. The Teen Titans Go! one was an extremely fun collaboration with voice actor Greg Cipes, who made a song to promote CN's presence at SXSW. I was tasked with making the music video for this song with a quick turnaround and limited resources--it was a big challenge, but a ton of fun, as a huge fan of Greg Cipes, and I was very happy with the result. It even managed to inspire an on-air promo CN made later on!
Steven Universe Soundtrack Promo Vids
In June 2017, the official Steven Universe Soundtrack dropped on iTunes! To promote it, I was commissioned by Cartoon Network Social to create 3 different videos using clips from the show and songs from the soundtrack. I got to have a lot of fun, making two comedic and one more serious video for the project. The soundtrack ended up hitting the #2 spot on the iTunes charts on the weekend of its release as well!


NBA/Cartoon Network Logo Mash-Ups
For this project, I was commissioned by Cartoon Network to design a set of 30 logos that combined the logos of NBA teams with Cartoon Network characters and properties. The results were compiled into a video and then put up on Cartoon Network's social media outlets. This was a super fun project that I learned a lot on! Check out all the designs over on the left.
RHS Theater Promo Posters 
For many years, I have been commissioned to make custom designs for the posters and shirts for the theatrical productions at my local high school. View the designs to the right.